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February 27, 2014
by Don
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Dane County girl raped, starved, imprisoned by family – they get 5 YEARS

This poor girl was imprisoned, home schooled with a 3rd grade workbook, starved, raped, beaten and forced to eat her own SHIT for 6 YEARS – BY HER OWN FAMILY; right here in our own backyard, Right here in Dane County. Check out the story from USA Today, it’s pretty unbelievable. Even worse to stomach if you’re the family type with younger kids, I cannot believe that anyone would even consider doing such a thing to their own kin… and for so long.

Luckily Mike Vega was there, he found her walking along in pajamas, barefoot with a bloody face and he took her in. Thank God he was there for her instead of just driving by. The police were able to pick up the family and take them into custody. This all happened in November, 2013.

Just this week however, those responsible for these heinous acts were sentenced to 5 years in prison. Her father, Chad Chritton and stepmother have been charged with child abuse, child neglect and reckless endangerment along with her stepbrother; and sentenced as well to only 5 years by Dane County Judge Julie Genovese. The stepbrother had prior sexual assault charges even, yet they were only sentenced 5 years.

It’s a little hard to hear this story as I have myself, a 9 year old girl at this time. What possesses those involved to do such a sickening thing to their own family? This girl is supposed to be learning, growing and cherishing life at that age, and she was robbed of some of her most formative years by the very people whom she should have been safest with, her family. This girl is ruined, no matter what is done, no matter how much therapy if given this will be a scar left on her life until the day she dies. She was robbed of a critical part of her childhood and now who knows what effect that will have on her life going forward. These 3 monsters have ruined the life of another, likely feel little remorse and while I believe the real judging should be left to God; we have a responsibility here to uphold a civil and lawful society while we’re here on Earth, and as such we dish out our own justice for the sake of the common good. I’m sorry, but there’s a lesson to learn here and I personally don’t believe that 5 years is enough time to learn it for these people.

You see, the painful thing here is that those responsible have practically escaped punishment. They get to enjoy their prison sentence, segregated from general population, for a mere 5 years thanks to the awesome sentencing handed down by blockbuster Judge Julie. Is this the message we want to send out there Judge? Do we really want to tell the world that here in Dane County, we don’t give a shit about protecting our progeny? Did you miss something when you got your criminal justice degree? Maybe you thought that criminal justice means that the actual criminals should get the justice, because that’s exactly what you did here. We just told the world that here in Dane County, we’re soft on crime and I think this is sickening.

I’m a bit embarrassed to say I live here in Dane County. Kind of makes me wonder if this will be the last time?? how many others out there like you think that this is acceptable? You don’t belong in that seat.

If this sort of thing is a little outrageous to you, go sign the petition to impeach this sorry excuse for a Judge. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Maybe “we the people” can get some justice for this poor girl as she goes about the grueling process of attempting to rebuild her shattered and stolen life.


February 16, 2014
by Don
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C’mon church, don’t be like this

Ok so this isn’t necessarily directed at the whole church at large but rather a certain trait that pops up in congregations everywhere which unfortunately are the cause of many a Christian to stumble, leave, or resent their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Church. is. not. a. friends. club.

This is especially evident with women but I feel I need to say it, stop it with the cliques. Seriously, what is this, high school?

I can’t count the times, especially when “church shopping” where I noticed or experienced outsiders, new people, smokers, rednecks, or others being completely ignored or almost what seems to be dismissed from fellowship for purely “cosmetic” reasons. HYPOCRITES!

What are you doing at small groups when you ignore new people and fail to bring them into your conversations and fellowship? What does that say about you? What does that say about Christ, whom which your life is to be a example of? When you go to church on sunday and only ever make fellowship wih your “group”, what does that say about your commitment to live in the example of Christ? What love does it show when you are “too good” to break bread with he smoker, the redneck, the felon, or the homeless guy that stumbles into church that day?

They’re not on the same level as you? You wouldn’t have much in common you say… Yeah, same way Christ had tons in common with the prostitutes of his day, yet he hung out with them, he fellowshipped them, he let his life be an example for theirs to follow. Yes they are expected to change their ways and follow God, but thats where you come in. Get out of your comfort zone for once and you might see that your example alone can potentially bring them to Christ’s love.

Wisconsin is full of stubborn, change-avoiding, prideful people but remember these are all traits which we are asked to cast off. I realize there is a big Lutheran and Catholic influence here and many local Christians are either part of or previously of these religious doctrines. Let it go. Christianity is NOT a religion.

Romans 12:16 ESV says:
Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight.

Humble yourself, because you’re not as “good” as you think you are. Everyone is broken and is there for the same reason as you. Fellowship with all, love all, for the only one qualified to judge is the great Judge himself, Jesus Christ.

Get rid of the cliques and start fellowshipping with your brothers and sisters, you just might find a great friend in someone you would normally not associate with. He might be a felon, or full of tattoos, or simply a new girl from a different part of the country; Someone though whom may even be a heaven sent key to strengthening your own walk with Christ… if you’d only humble yourself enough to accept their friendship.

February 9, 2014
by Don
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2 asic modules: out of comission

Awwwwww SNAP. Just when I thought I had these things running awesome 2 of my asic boards go BOOM!

Busted capacitor on avalon2 ASIC module

Busted tantalum cap on an avalon2 asic module

One of my two Avalon rigs decided one day to simply stop mining. After checking out the stats, cgminer actually started up and pretended to work, except it refused to actually DO work. A full tear down later… the pics show what I found.

Pretty sure I did that. I’ve been screwing around a little too much lately trying different settings and seeing how much I could overclock them. In my basement. Where it’s NOT cold. My guess? they probably got too hot while I had ‘em running like a bat out of hell. I’ve since put them out in the garage to take full advantage of the Wisconsin winter where they gleefully run at about 40c all day long.

So lucky me, now I get to mine at reduced speed for the time being. NO idea if replacing those caps will bring these boards back to life as I have no idea nor way to really tell if their being blown happened to fry anything else on the board – guess I shouldn’t have sold all that test equipment I once had. Luckily it was only 2 and not the others… Needless to say, I’m searching for someone who can do tiny electronics repair work.

For now I guess, and until it gets warm out and I need to build an air conditioned box, we got 1 unit running at 233GH/s and the other – down two modules mining at about 160GH/s

about 400GH/s

Not bad… About 80-100GH/s down from where they should be but until these boards are fixed, I’m lucky the 2nd rig even works!

February 9, 2014
by Don
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A little update is in order

It’s been a little while since I’ve put anything on here. The last few months have been not much of anything other than working on building the different business ideas I’m involved in. Got a few projects in the fire right now, one of them isn’t quite live yet but involves some e-commerce and sales of personal vaporizing devices.

Who smokes anymore? Vaping’s where it’s @!

Sigelei ZMax v5 Kit for sale on ebay

Although I hate the term, most people know them as “e-cigs”. At the moment, the site is coming along and almost ready to go live but until then we’re selling select products on EBay.

Right now you can get the Sigelei ZMax v5 Starter Kit for $74.95!

It’s pretty awesome, all the bells & whistles for a great price. Even comes with a clearomizer!

Mining for Digital Gold

I got a little antsy one day, let the curiosity get the best of me and finally broke down to pick up some bitcoin miners. Not just any old miner of course; but 460 giga-hash worth of bitcoin miners. Yep, you read it, MINERS. At 1000W each, we had to wire two new circuits into our mining location to handle the load but these beasts easily make up for it to the tune of $60-100 per day depending on BTC-USD exchange rate.

BTC MinerThe model I got is based on the avalon 2 chip, it’s a 55nm asic chip, purposely built to do nothing other than mine bitcoins. Check out the pictures to see what they look like. Originally I tried placing them in the basement but found them running at about 70c which is WAAAY too hot for my comfort, THANK YOU WISCONSIN! it’s winter time here, so we put ‘em out in the garage :)

As of today, I have 1 full power rig running about 210-230 GH/s and another that’s got 2 bad modules (need to re-solder some capacitors in them) that hashes about 160-180 GH/s. 


The last of the winter projects is EBay… Back in effect! Check out my listings here!

Basically, we’re stripping electronics for components, finding things others don’t want anymore, and selling on consignment to bring you a whole bunch of interesting items. GO check ‘em out sometime. One thing we’re doing that’s a little interesting here is using almost 100% recycled materials for shipping. We not only are on the lookout for awesome items to list, but also shipping materials others are throwing out. So far, EVERY listing we’ve shipped since starting our ebay sales last December have been shipped in re-used materials. Eco-Friendly baby!

Rollin’ for Charity

Aaaaaand last up is the most recent thing. 2 weeks ago I participated in a winter/night time-speed-distance rally to benefit charity, courtesy of Cheese Wheel, Inc. with me driving and Chris Casper as my co-driver. We went all over the dells and had a blast in my winter beater. No 2nd gear? No problem!

Team Broken Gear placed 5th in our novice class (this is my first time driving), one place up from the last CW even we did last year. I was a bit surprised how well the saturn handled in the snow, the 6.5″ Yokohama snow tires gripped like a MOFO even when all the WRXs and beasted-out trucks were sliding into ditches; a quick flip of the e-brake and we were drifting the hilly, country roads of southwest WI at full speed like we were in WRC or something. FWD blows the balls off of AWD when you got a good set of snows on!

Cheese Freeze Route 2014 Saturn SC1 - Winter Racing BEAST

September 21, 2013
by Don
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The Desert Ain’t Dead!

As I write this, I do so on a plane barreling through the air at the crazy ground speed of almost 600mph, likely with a nice tailwind. WIFI on plane is a really sweet idea despite the fact that you have to pay for it. Oh well, its on a plane, no surprise the cost.

See? I lie not.

I just boarded about 40 minutes ago after a delightful, insightful and awesome business planning session with my friends at Stuart Selbst Consulting in Phoenix, AZ. We had an eye opening and very productive few days dissecting the business and reconstructing how we do things corporately. 2014 will be another great year!

So the point here isnt about all that, as this is my personal space to talk, but rather something I have noticed about this area of the country that I have yet to expeience in any other locations I have traveled to or visited in the great US of A. Which consists of about everywhere except 4 or 5 states.

Ever been somewhere and were completely convinced that something was different, something was special not about anything in particular but simply about where you were, the space you currently occupied in the world? This is what’s up each and every time I come to Arizona. Something about the desert is mesmerizing, pulling, calling as if to say “you belong here”, which I find strikingly odd yet am unable to shake. I mean seriously, the desert? WTH right?

Check it, wow!

It seems to be one of those interesting places where people always seem so damn content, happy, and satisfied with simply being alive, despite their circumstances. I know when I myself visit it always seems as if whatever sickness I may have or fatigue I normally sometimes experience about life just departs my body, I sleep sounder and am at a general state of peace; Way more than normal. Its almost as if while the vegitation is sparse, and the heat be high, there is a invisible resorvoir for the soul that exists here in the desert. What physical life lacking here is somehow made up in spiritual life which smacks you on the face; every drop of sunshine reminding you that life simply kicks ass.

As this is the case for myself and my wife, we hope to maybe retire here someday. Someday. As of now I think its a close, close tie between Arizona and the Western Maryland/Appalacia area. Time will tell, however until a better location is found in our travels, Arizona is such a great place to recharge your life. The desert may look dead but is far from it.

August 24, 2013
by Don
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Cleaning cartomizers with ultrasonic power!

As some of you may or may not know, and as I haven’t posted anything about this before on my blog, I vape; once a hardcore smoker, I have chosen to instead take up the cleaner alternative of using electronic vapor devices (e-cigs) as my smoking vice of choice.

Clean your cartomizers and atomizers with an ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner

Found a great way the other day to clean cartomizers that’s hands off and works quite well. A lot of people on ECF are getting ultrasonic jewelry cleaners such as these below to clean cartomizers and atmoizers and while I’m personally unsure of the results, the results given by others have been great.

I actually bought this humidifier from walgreen’s a few weeks back when I was working on another project and needed the transducer out of it, however just the other night while faced with 30-some cartos to clean, I figured to give it a try and see what the result would be if I just dumped all my cartos into the water tank of this humidifier.

Walgreen's ultrasonic humidifier

Lo and behold! they all came out perfectly clean! they didn’t smell one bit of their previous juice flavorings and after a few hours in 175′ oven to dry, they vaped EXACTLY LIKE NEW!

I’ve always been a big fan of the KR808 and the Johnson Creek Vea, and this method works awesome for both of their different cartos. Give it a try!

August 24, 2013
by Don
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You really can polish a turd

It’s been about 2 years since I last cleaned the inside of my car, it seems that it is possible to polish a turd.

Check this out. 2003 Cavalier, 217+k miles, shines like a diamond inside just like new!