A little update is in order

It’s been a little while since I’ve put anything on here. The last few months have been not much of anything other than working on building the different business ideas I’m involved in. Got a few projects in the fire right now, one of them isn’t quite live yet but involves some e-commerce and sales of personal vaporizing devices.

Who smokes anymore? Vaping’s where it’s @!

Sigelei ZMax v5 Kit for sale on ebay

Although I hate the term, most people know them as “e-cigs”. At the moment, the site is coming along and almost ready to go live but until then we’re selling select products on EBay.

Right now you can get the Sigelei ZMax v5 Starter Kit for $74.95!

It’s pretty awesome, all the bells & whistles for a great price. Even comes with a clearomizer!

Mining for Digital Gold

I got a little antsy one day, let the curiosity get the best of me and finally broke down to pick up some bitcoin miners. Not just any old miner of course; but 460 giga-hash worth of bitcoin miners. Yep, you read it, MINERS. At 1000W each, we had to wire two new circuits into our mining location to handle the load but these beasts easily make up for it to the tune of $60-100 per day depending on BTC-USD exchange rate.

BTC MinerThe model I got is based on the avalon 2 chip, it’s a 55nm asic chip, purposely built to do nothing other than mine bitcoins. Check out the pictures to see what they look like. Originally I tried placing them in the basement but found them running at about 70c which is WAAAY too hot for my comfort, THANK YOU WISCONSIN! it’s winter time here, so we put ’em out in the garage 🙂

As of today, I have 1 full power rig running about 210-230 GH/s and another that’s got 2 bad modules (need to re-solder some capacitors in them) that hashes about 160-180 GH/s. 


The last of the winter projects is EBay… Back in effect! Check out my listings here!

Basically, we’re stripping electronics for components, finding things others don’t want anymore, and selling on consignment to bring you a whole bunch of interesting items. GO check ’em out sometime. One thing we’re doing that’s a little interesting here is using almost 100% recycled materials for shipping. We not only are on the lookout for awesome items to list, but also shipping materials others are throwing out. So far, EVERY listing we’ve shipped since starting our ebay sales last December have been shipped in re-used materials. Eco-Friendly baby!

Rollin’ for Charity

Aaaaaand last up is the most recent thing. 2 weeks ago I participated in a winter/night time-speed-distance rally to benefit charity, courtesy of Cheese Wheel, Inc. with me driving and Chris Casper as my co-driver. We went all over the dells and had a blast in my winter beater. No 2nd gear? No problem!

Team Broken Gear placed 5th in our novice class (this is my first time driving), one place up from the last CW even we did last year. I was a bit surprised how well the saturn handled in the snow, the 6.5″ Yokohama snow tires gripped like a MOFO even when all the WRXs and beasted-out trucks were sliding into ditches; a quick flip of the e-brake and we were drifting the hilly, country roads of southwest WI at full speed like we were in WRC or something. FWD blows the balls off of AWD when you got a good set of snows on!

Cheese Freeze Route 2014 Saturn SC1 - Winter Racing BEAST