2 asic modules: out of comission

Awwwwww SNAP. Just when I thought I had these things running awesome 2 of my asic boards go BOOM!

Busted capacitor on avalon2 ASIC module

Busted tantalum cap on an avalon2 asic module

One of my two Avalon rigs decided one day to simply stop mining. After checking out the stats, cgminer actually started up and pretended to work, except it refused to actually DO work. A full tear down later… the pics show what I found.

Pretty sure I did that. I’ve been screwing around a little too much lately trying different settings and seeing how much I could overclock them. In my basement. Where it’s NOT cold. My guess? they probably got too hot while I had ’em running like a bat out of hell. I’ve since put them out in the garage to take full advantage of the Wisconsin winter where they gleefully run at about 40c all day long.

So lucky me, now I get to mine at reduced speed for the time being. NO idea if replacing those caps will bring these boards back to life as I have no idea nor way to really tell if their being blown happened to fry anything else on the board – guess I shouldn’t have sold all that test equipment I once had. Luckily it was only 2 and not the others… Needless to say, I’m searching for someone who can do tiny electronics repair work.

For now I guess, and until it gets warm out and I need to build an air conditioned box, we got 1 unit running at 233GH/s and the other – down two modules mining at about 160GH/s

about 400GH/s

Not bad… About 80-100GH/s down from where they should be but until these boards are fixed, I’m lucky the 2nd rig even works!