Car Switcheroo

About November 2013 or so, while on a business trip to Sioux City, IA my beloved and reliable Cavalier bled out on the side of highway 20. Upon our return and re-deposit of our rental vehicle I proceeded to find an interim car that would get through the winter at least. I guess in this case, one of the nice things about a Wisconsin winter is the fact that road salt tends to inflict premature death on vehicle bodies. I managed to find a 1997 Saturn SC1; it was in OK shape, and missing a 2nd gear.

A good thing about a plastic car, is there isn’t much to rust in the winter. Well, some does but it’s all covered up right?

DSC00049 20140525_171328

Saturn SC1 - Winter Racing BEASTTo make a long story short, she lasted me through the winter, and even served
“Team Busted Gear” well in the 2013 Cheese Freeze rally. But alas, the time has been rapidly approaching where she’s got to serve someone else. Luckily for me, the perfect replacement landed right in my lap and for a GREAT price.


Less miles, more power, better gas mileage, and not much to fix. She’s now mine and will remain so until she decides to no longer run.

In the meantime, the green machine is getting a long-needed replacement transmission and general fix-up. The green Saturn is in great shape, except for a few mechanical things we’re working on, the transmission replacement and tune up. Will be for sale soon!

I managed to find a replacement transmission and have started the teardown, here’s pics so far:

20140622_174339 20140616_231828 20140614_214715 20140609_203206 20140622_174328