Project of the Day

So what am I “into” these days? Well, here ya go..

  • All Things Cars
    • Fabrication, winter beaters, stance, whatever! If it’s about the car life, then I’m kind of into it. Stuff gets posted every so often here.
    • I’m currently working on the following active projects:
      • The snow beast – RIP
      • Kailyn, the 1993 Eagle Talon project that just won’t die
      • Scarlett, the 15 year search for a perfect specimen, finally found
      • Avery, the new daily driver – 2002 Audi S6 Avant


  • Infratactix
    • Not really a “project” but rather, my main passion outside of family and whatever other things I’m into at the time. We’re technology consultants helping companies to become more productive with business technology that actually works.


Things can be considered a little boring around these parts at the moment, my business antics and cars seem to steal the spotlight of my spare time these days.