Who is this guy?

Don SchultzI don’t know… Who is John Galt?

I’m Don and I’ve been told that I am many things. Eccentric? I don’t know, a little maybe but I really hate labels… that could be a good description though, you be the judge. I’m solid at my core but always willing to try new things and explore new ideas; afterall, you can always try a ghost pepper… doesn’t mean you have to like ’em on every dish you eat right? You sure as hell will never know you DON’T like it until you have one though!

By day: I’m a highly skilled and professional business technology consultant; serving faithfully at the helm of Infratactix. We help companies become more productive through business technology that actually works. Previous to this, I did a long stint climbing the corporate IT ladder in the big biotech research/biotech manufacturing industries.

24×7: I am a Christ follower, a husband to a great wife, a father to some awesome kids, an amateur inventor, a philosopher with some interesting views, debater of anything debatable, and either master or student of anything else I find worth pursuing at the time. I’m a single malt scotch kind of guy that loves to live for, serve and help others. What good am I here if I can’t brighten up someone else’s world, right?

I build things that work: Information Technology Systems, Relationships, Love, Businesses, A great life.

I expect greatness: Why anyone even dream of doing something half-assed is simply beyond me. GO BIG OR GO HOME! DO IT RIGHT, OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL!

Spare time stuff? Sure! I do cars, racing, guns, camping & wilderness backpacking, urban exploration, photography, hunting, fishing, home improvement, electronics. I want to learn how to fly someday, props AND jets. When the work life is all said and done, I hope to live the simplest life possible. I sometimes think we’ve become way too complicated as a society when the most effective solution usually turns out to be the simplest. (note: simplest, NOT easiest).

Want to REALLY know who I am? reach on out… let’s connect & I’d be happy to help you learn all about the man, the myth, the legend, the idea that is: “Me”. Otherwise, I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading here. If not, well I suppose you’re probably looking for someone else! Try here.

Looking for some professional stuff? No Problem… I’m on LinkedIn