Hey there! We’re AXMX Affiliate Masters!

I’m Garrett, the main writer and course creator here at AXMX. We’re a small team of 2 that loves making money on the web! We’re pretty savvy when it comes to making money with blogging and affiliate marketing. This is why we created the AXMX Affiliate Masters, so we could share our tips, secrets, and information on how you can make your own money online.

Since we are an affiliate marketing blog, we do promote affiliate products and you can find that info on our affiliate disclaimer page in our footer menu or in the right-hand sidebar of our blog articles.


In addition, we also offer premium courses to anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing, making money online, debt management, and many other topics as well. You will find a “courses” tab in our main menu with each category of courses we offer.

Why Do We Offer Premium Courses?

My partner and I have been blogging and making money online since 2015 and have been very successful with affiliate marketing. We were able to reach our first 6-figures within 14 months from launching our first affiliate offer. Now we have 4 blogs that generate affiliate income for us on a monthly basis which is why we started this business.

We know the market and we also know how lucrative it is for many people to earn a healthy income online. This is why we wanted to create premium courses. We know what it takes to be successful with affiliate marketing and our courses give you a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen. We walk you through everything that we did from the start.

Our courses range from $997 up to $1,997 and we feel comfortable at those price points with our content. We know that our methods work and we know that if you follow our strategies, you WILL earn a substantial amount of income from affiliate marketing. For our courses that aren’t about making money online, we’re confident that you WILL gain a substantial amount of value that you’ll be able to use for a lifetime.

Lastly, we know that at these price-points above, only people who are serious about making money online or serious about gaining value will be interested, and those are the people we ultimately want to teach.

Our course categories consist of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online In General, How To Manage Your Money and Debt Management.

Wrapping Up

I suppose you would like to know where we’re from, right? We’re from Northern Wisconsin in the United States and we absolutely love it here!

I also love to write in our blog and share tips about making money online and affiliate marketing. I try to get a new article out at least once per week.

Thanks for reading!

Side Note: AXMX is short for Affiliate Masters. (AX = Affiliate) and (MX = Masters)

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