1-On-1 Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Learn how to CRUSH IT with affiliate marketing from an experienced affiliate marketing nerd who knows what works. You could potentially retire in 5 years!

Who Is My Coaching For?

I spread my passion for affiliate marketing through education. I educate by sharing strategies that actually help you, which is why you’re here. A lot of care and effort goes into that part because it’s the most important part of the equation.

The reason why is because you have to sincerely believe that I can actually help you. The most effective way for someone to believe that is… to actually help them!

Here’s what happens. I put my working strategies in front of you that actually help you and then you implement those strategies as a way to make money with affiliate marketing.

My Coaching Is Simple. Helpful. And It WORKS.

It All Starts With Promoting The Right Affiliate Program

The first thing we’ll do is get you started with the right affiliate program that will pay off in the long-run. It’s FREE too. Really though, this is a fancy way of saying “I will show you everything you need to do step-by-step so that you can replicate what I did to be successful with affiliate marketing”.

Most people get affiliate marketing all wrong, which is why you have such a big opportunity. Most people spend their time doing things that waste time such as “following gurus that claim to know what they’re talking about”. Either that or they’re focusing on random tasks that won’t help them in the long-run.

With my coaching, you will end up doing the opposite because I will teach you to reverse engineer the psychology, patterns, and desires of the affiliate marketing industry.

And then… we’ll focus on the strategies that actually help you take advantage of making affiliate marketing sales on a consistent basis.

How My Coaching Works

Coaching lasts for 1 month and you will learn step-by-step how to make money with affiliate marketing with the same strategies that I use. Throughout the month, we will meet one time each week for 2 hours. (dates/times will be scheduled after we meet in the Discord app) 

Step 1 – Getting Started

The first thing we’ll do is, after you fill out the interest form in the pricing section (after the benefits section below), I will send you a welcome email and a PayPal invoice for the cost of 1 month of my coaching. You will receive these emails from my personal email address which is gratschultz2013(at)hotmail.com.

Step 2 – Scheduling

After the payment has been made and you’re settled into my Discord server, I will message you through the app to schedule a date and time that works for both of us for your first 2-hour session for the month.

Step 3 – Coaching

Not much happens during this step other than your 4 coaching sessions. There will be 1 session each week for 2 hours at a time. 

You will learn the strategies that I have been using since 2016 that continue to make over six-figures per year. (I obviously can’t GUARANTEE you’ll make six-figures though, your success depends on you.) But, you will have all the tools and strategies to put you in a position to get yourself there!

Step 4 – Wrapping Up

Upon completion of your final session, feel free to stay in my Discord server if you would like. I just started offering my coaching services but as more and more people join the server, eventually it will be a community of successful affiliate marketers to collaborate with each other.

Benefits Of My Coaching

  • Learn what it takes to make six-figures with affiliate marketing.
  • Become part of a growing community of successful affiliate marketers.
  • Potentially get a new car of your choice that's paid-for by your affiliate partner.
  • Become an affiliate marketing master that can sell anything online.
  • Become a social media marketing expert.
  • Make a shit ton of money! (Again, this depends on how well you implement my strategies.)

About The Cost

Even though my coaching is not expensive compared to your potential return, it’s definitely not for everybody.

My coaching is only for people who truly have a desire to learn. You MUST be willing to learn.

I will not teach people that aren’t 100% certain about learning what it takes to be successful with affiliate marketing.

With that said, let’s get to some pricing information.

My strategies are priceless, and my price is set so that it only attracts people who are serious about learning.


$1,497.00 One-Time Fee

This price is calculated on an hourly rate of $187/hour multiplied by 8 hours (4 sessions at 2 hours each) per month.

I know that my strategies work and I know how much I am worth. If you feel like the cost is too high, then you’re missing out on an enormous amount of earning potential. 

Please fill out the interest form if you would like to move forward with my affiliate marketing coaching.

Interest Form

Meet Your Coach

Hey there, I’m Garrett! I’ve been a successful affiliate marketing professional since 2016. After two previous failed attempts to make money online, I finally discovered what it took to actually make it happen and have been making over six-figures per year from affiliate marketing since then. 

I created AXMX Affiliate Masters in July 2019 to help others achieve their goals of making money online the same way I did.

If you have any questions before purchasing, I recently created a new Instagram account for myself and AXMX Affiliate Masters. Feel free to DM me on either of them.

Personal Instagram – @gratschultz2013
AXMX Affiliate Masters – @axmxaffiliatemaster

garrett schultz
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