The Affiliate Marketing Guide That Will Make You Thousands

The Affiliate Marketing Guide That Will Make You Thousands

affiliate marketing guide

An affiliate marketing guide that WILL help you make money online, guaranteed. If it worked for us on our other blogs (this one is brand new), then there is no reason why it can’t work for you.

Have you ever seen a show where people are hunting for treasure on lost islands or at the bottom of the sea? They spend tons of money and dig and dive into the earth and never find anything. Either that or all they find are fossils and wall painting from the early days.

This treasure that they continue to search for, stays hidden from the greater world. This causes the treasure hunter’s dreams of getting rich get shredded into pieces instead when they come out empty-handed.

So check this out, what if we told you that there actually IS a way that you can make thousands of dollars WITHOUT having to go on a digital treasure hunt?

You see, in this giant world of opportunity, you should be getting your hands on as many income-generating methods as you can to maximize your earning potential.

The big problem is, there are only 24 hours in a day and you can’t possibly have more than one eight-hour job to start increasing your bank account.

So, how are you going to accomplish this? Simple, passive income! With passive income, you’re earning money by working indirectly with a brand’s products and services. For most people, there is no better way to do this than affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Article

  1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How To Become An Affiliate Marketer
  3. What To Avoid With Affiliate Marketing
  4. Become An Affiliate Marketer For ClickFunnels
  5. Why You Should Promote ClickFunnels
  6. About ClickFunnels
  7. Wrap Up

1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

According to the dictionary, affiliate marketing means: “the process through which a promoter can earn money by promoting other people’s products is affiliate marketing.”

Affiliate marketing is pretty simple to master, that is if you can provide the right traffic. How this works is, you’re basically selling another company’s products and/or services through the company’s affiliate network. In return, you are entitled to a fixed-rate commission for your marketing and selling efforts.

However, affiliate marketing can go in the opposite direction as well. If you have a product or service that you would like to be promoted, you can offer a financial incentive to promoters to promote those products and services.

If you’re just good with marketing, and if you don’t have your own product, then you can an affiliate marketing program with a brand that you love and market their products and services as stated above.

That’s pretty much how affiliate marketing works and what it is. If you follow along and read this entire affiliate marketing guide, you will do just fine. In fact, you will have all the knowledge you need to generate thousands of dollars per month with no problem.

2. How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Below are some simple tips that you can use to help you understand what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer and make money online.

Do Product Reviews In Your Niche

When you have a niche blog, a Twitter account, YouTube channel, an Instagram page, or even a large email list and promote product reviews, chances are, people will be reading your posts because they can relate to them.

I do this on one of my other blogs Gnarloc Product Reviews and it’s been a huge success over the past year. It’s not niched, but it does well because the content resonates with my audience. We also do product reviews in our local community and test these products in front of real people as well.

Now let’s say you want to start the same type of product review blog like mine above. Except you do it without having an audience or a list of followers already built. It wouldn’t do very well because it’s not a “niched category” of products. Instead, it’s a bunch of different products that cater to many different audiences.

Okay, now let’s say you want to start a product review blog in a niche category such as kayaking. If you post articles and reviews about products dealing with kayaking, you won’t have any issues generating traffic. This will ultimately lead to making the money that you’re searching for.

If you’re doing product reviews, I would suggest you start with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. Their commissions are on the lower end, but it’s a very easy program to get started with.

In addition, this income is passive, therefore you will be making money while you sleep … literally. But only if your reviews are creating value to your viewers and you are generating traffic via SEO, social media, or any other method.

Promote Products From Multiple Merchants

Notice how above I mentioned to start with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program? Once you get started with them, there are plenty of other affiliate programs you can join as well. Keep in mind though, you want to make sure they are stores/merchants within your niche.

For example, if you’re writing reviews for Windows laptops, you could promote laptops from various tech stores instead of just Amazon.

Rakuten Marketing is an example of an affiliate program you could use. Best Buy uses Rakuten. Once you’re a member of Rakuten, you will be able to join the Best Buy affiliate program from within your Rakuten dashboard. Walmart’s affiliate program is through Rakuten as well.

There are so many different places you can join to get started with promoting another company’s products online. ShareASale is another popular program.

Be Consistent With Sharing Your Content

Remember, you’re trying to build a business here. This shouldn’t be treated like a hobby where you only share your content when you feel like it.

Always remember that the main reason why your followers/subscribers view your content on a regular basis is that you’re sharing it on a regular basis. If you give up on this quality of content sharing or change the frequency of it, you will end up losing followers/subscribers slowly but surely.

3. What To Avoid With Affiliate Marketing

It might sound pretty easy to get into affiliate marketing and make money. However, this affiliate marketing guide is also designed to tell you about the different types of dangers to look out for as well. Below are three different things to watch out for with affiliate marketing.

Promoting The Wrong Products

This is one that I have seen far too often. I’ve seen people who know nothing about treadmills trying to sell the most expensive treadmills on Amazon. Trust me, I’ve been there and tried it. It will not work. Your viewers can tell when you’re feeding them with bullshit.

If the product you are promoting does not integrate with your niche in any way, don’t even try to promote it or sell it. Be careful with what you decide to try and promote.

Promoting Too Many Products

Try not to promote dozens of different brands in the same category of the main product you are promoting. You will eventually confuse your readers/viewers into not truly knowing which product is the best to buy.

Switching Topics Too Often

The key here is to build a loyal fanbase that will continue to come back every time you publish a new piece of content. Well, those fans won’t be coming back if you’re constantly switching from one topic to another.

Figure out what type of content works best for your niche. Once you find that type of content, keep writing or making videos about it.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken”? That saying is the same concept here as well. Once you find a topic that resonates well with your audience, don’t switch it up. Stay on that topic and keep your loyal fanbase.

Keep in mind that your fanbase will also be sharing your content as well. This is why it is extremely important to stay on topic because if you don’t, you might lose some readers/viewers which leads to fewer shares by them as well.

4. Become An Affiliate Marketer For ClickFunnels

clickfunnels affiliate cta

There are a TON of different affiliate programs that you can sign up for, but the ClickFunnels affiliate program is one of the best.

This specific affiliate program has honestly changed my life since 2016. Why? ClickFunnels provides a high earning commission rate that has helped thousands of affiliate marketers make a six-figure income in just one month.

It took me a bit longer, but I was able to pass that six-figure mark within 4 months of heavy promotion. It’s one of my absolute favorite companies to promote. Their products are extremely valuable for entrepreneurs, so it’s not hard to sell whatsoever.

In addition, when you sign up, they give you a free course on how to market their products so that you can be extremely profitable.

Did I mention their dream car incentive for their affiliates? Now, I’m not a fan of sports cars, but ClickFunnels has been paying my payments on my new truck since 2018. No, it’s not new anymore but you get what I’m saying.

Why is ClickFunnels paying the payments on my truck you might ask? Once you sign up 100 active people who bought ClickFunnels with your affiliate link, ClickFunnels will send you $500/month to pay towards that new vehicle.

In addition, when you reach 200 active people, they will send you $1,000 every month. I’m sure you can see the clear benefits as to why this affiliate program is extremely lucrative.

5. Why You Should Promote ClickFunnels

So you’re probably wondering why we’re mentioning the ClickFunnels affiliate program, right? The biggest reason is that they offer some very high commission rates. As a ClickFunnels affiliate, you will earn 40% recurring commissions on ClickFunnels’ monthly members that you sign up.

ClickFunnels also pays a 5% commission for every monthly member that is sold by an affiliate that signed up underneath you.

6. About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an amazing sales funnel tool to use for your online business. They make it extremely simple for any blogger or entrepreneur to build their own sales funnels within minutes. You don’t even need to hire a technical person to help you, it’s that easy.

These sales funnels alone will help you build a highly profitable business in no time. Especially if you already have a market full of followers that you can promote to.

With ClickFunnels, you will build high-converting and clean-looking sales funnels. Everything you need to build and launch your funnel is pre-developed and automatically pieced together for your business.

7. Wrap Up

I love ClickFunnels, as I stated earlier, they have changed my life for the better because they have made me some very good income. My product review blog uses their sales funnels and we continue to make dozens of sales on a daily basis.

In addition, I also use their affiliate program everywhere, which has paid out thousands in the past three years that I have been promoting them. Guess what? You can do it too!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave us a comment below and we will respond as soon as we can.

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