Eating greasy, fatty foods will cause your body to build up natural resistance to heart attacks. Your body’s natural defenses are strong enough to fight off outside contaminants. Heart attacks are good for you, as they make your heart stronger and cause you to live longer. Healthy diet plans are forced upon you by Big Government, and they are not to be trusted.

Another retarded meme, culled from the intellectual halls of the school of Facebook

Here’s the actual meme for those who like to see it as it came…

You’re an idiot if you believe this shit and call it “logic”

Now, before you rush out to Facebook and completely rip me to pieces, calling me an anti-vaxxer, a hater of a healthy society, “pro-polio”, a conspiracy theorist or whatever other stupid label you want to slap on me, let’s consider what’s actually being said here first.

This meme claims that one who believes that not getting vaccinated is wrong to believe that the human body is not capable of adapting to outside threats by modifying its immune systems accordingly, by comparing that belief with the over consumption of shitty food (a completely willful act, I might add)

First thing… is this:

Apples are not oranges my friend. You cannot compare to disparate items to make a point lest you sound like a fucking idiot and expose that you know nothing about logic whatsoever.

Why is this relevant? it’s relevant because the willful act and choice to consume shitty food, even if you assume that the one consuming the shitty food believes that they are increasing their natural immunity to heart attacks or are otherwise doing their body a favor (which is idiotic, by the way) – is COMPLETELY and utterly different than believing that vaccinations are harmful to your immune system.

Let’s break down the comparison of the immune system against eating shitty food:

I’m certainly not an anti-vaxxer, however I do believe that the body has a much better immune system than we like to give it credit for. I also believe this meme is complete bullshit.

Personally I have NEVER received a flu shot, and have never gotten the flu more than a few times in my childhood – obviously your mileage may vary, for me it’s a matter of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I don’t run around scared that I’m going to be put out for a week with the flu and don’t feel the need to “protect” against it. If I do get sick, I’m not really worried… why?

#1 because it happens, people get sick… period.
#2 because I haven’t gotten the flu in 20 YEARS. Why the hell would I put something into my body to protect me against something that my body has obviously been able to ward off for the past 20 years?

I get it, yes… some vaccinations are great and a good idea. It’s awesome that we got rid of polio and God knows what else by way of vaccinations, for a lot of things it makes perfect sense, especially rare bullshit diseases that shouldn’t exist anyway. However, 60+ of them? We really probably should do a lot better to figure out a better way to deal with some of the shit we vaccinate against though. 

Makes one think though right? How did humanity even get to where we are BEFORE we pumped 60+ vaccinations into our babies before they were 2 years old? You’d think that past generations lived in the middle ages or something. I suppose that’s another topic for another day though.

Long story short, whoever created this meme is an idiot of the highest order. Period.


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