OK maybe not really, but check your water lines…
Do you have one of these?

Water Filter
This, is a water filter. NOT a yarn spool.

If your house is new within the last 20-30 years, I bet you do. Now I know what’s up, you’re like “WHY do you have yarn in there?” – know what? I have no clue, this is a sediment filter, it’s a really basic thing designed to keep sand and shit out of your water supply. Last thing you need is sand and rust flakes junking up your water softener.

Guess what though. YOURS? it probably looks like this.

Nasty ass water filter

CHANGE IT! – they’re like $10 at home depot. Very cheap.

You may not be able to see through yours, if not a good rule of thumb is to just change it every 2 or 3 months, or if you notice your water pressure is getting lower than before. Usually that means that it looks like the above picture or it’s full of all sorts of gunk.

EVERYONE forgets to do this. The pic above is what happens when you don’t, your filter gets all gunked up and stops working properly – This one? not sure, I have ZERO clue when it was last changed. Hopefully not too long ago but we had just moved in and really have no clue.

What causes the color? no clue on that either – probably rust in the main line, but it’s NASTY either way. 

So the thing is, nobody really ever changes their filter on a regular basis. It’s really easy though, here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn your water off. Usually there is a valve at the top of the filter housing that you twist and it will shut off the water. IF you don’t have one, just turn off your main shutoff valve.
  2. Relieve the pressure in your system by turning on a sink, and letting it run until no more water comes out.
  3. Find the tool, and stick it over the filter housing
  4. Twist the filter housing off
  5. When you twist it off, a bunch of water will come out, put a bucket under the filter
  6. Take out the old filter, dump the water out of the filter housing and clean out the filter housings
  7. Stick the new filter in, twist it back on nice and tight and then turn your water back on!

Aaaannnnnnd your’e done!

I don’t feel like making a video for this, so click here to search youtube for videos that show how to do this also.


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