If you’re like me, you commute to an office or a job place somewhere every day. You get up, drag your ass out of bed, consume some coffee and you get in your car and head out to the office to fight a battle on the road with a bunch of assholes thinking about how they’re going to be badasses at work.

No doubt, you turn on the radio because let’s face it – commutes are BORING AS FUCK, like it doesn’t get any more boring than sitting in traffic doing absolutely nothing.

So here you sit, with the radio on jamming out to your tunes or listening to the news and you spend two hours a day like this… WASTING YOUR LIFE.

Yes, I said it. You’re wasting your life.

Seriously, you’re sitting there for 2 hours every day doing absolutely nothing, streaming music or God forbid, “news” or even worse, talk radio into your ears in the desperate hope that the commute will go faster if you mindlessly listen. Some of you actually think you GET SOMETHING from listening to that shit, you don’t – just face it, you don’t, period. Key word here: MINDLESS. Why do you do this every day?

What’s worse is you’ll go on and on in other circles about how you don’t have time to go to school, don’t have time to learn something new, don’t know how to do this or that, or you have no background in XYZ, (personal finance maybe? business??) so you can’t talk about it with people or apply it in your life. You feel stuck because there’s all this stuff you want to learn but don’t have time for. Yet you mindlessly sedate on your music and news for 2 hours every day.


Here’s your concept for the day” Mobile University.

You see, part of the promise of the internet was free information available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You have that RIGHT NOW! it’s called a CELL PHONE. WOW!

It’s really simple, pick a topic each month and instead of listening to that shitty lame ass music, or news which is designed to make you anxious as hell, hit up the youtube and listen to topics on there of people teaching you what you want to learn!

Want to learn about sales? there is a TON of free content, seminars, talks, etc. about how to sell, influence, and market services. Load up the ‘ol youtube and have at it!!

Turn your car into a mobile university, and you’ll no longer be wasting that time, instead you’ll be making time your bitch – learning new skills and new concepts instead of wasting your time being a mindless idiot like everyone else!

I’m a HUGE badass because I learn shit while I drive to work. Be like me.


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